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Haven’t posted this in a while - but as its Mad Max week - here is a music video I directed a couple of years back recreating some of the classic chase scenes from the original Mad Max movie. Lucky enough to shoot it on the same roads. Enjoi!  


Puretone | Addicted to Bass | Music Video (by Exit Films

In answer to the questions - Both the cars we used were Australian ‘76 Ford Falcon XB Coupes - the base model for “Last V8 Interceptors” in Mad Max. They started as basic junker shells, the black one was found buried at the bottom of a paddock.

Max Action Vehicles build them up from scratch and did an incredible job for the budget. Aussie Muscle cars are tough… even after jumping the yellow one through the caravan we were still able to shoot pickup shots with it driving the very next day - albeit from the rear. They were a handful to drive and sounded very ugly. 

Both cars were sold on Ebay after the shoot … for $200 each. 

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Chrysler Building at Night ~ By Jason Pierce
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Haleakala Sunrise, Russell Haddock
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Galleria Grande | Italy | Source
The Palace of Venaria is located near Turin, Piedmont. The palace was the royal hunting lodge of the Savoy family. This beautiful corridor is the Galleria Grande and according to Wikipedia “erroneously” called Diana’s Gallery.
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Movenpick Mauritius | Travel
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